The Nutrimill

What would it feel like to be able to make your own healthy, whole grain bread any time you wanted to, with very little hassle and complete confidence that everyone would absolutely love it?

Did you know that grinding your own fresh flour is extremely fast and easy with the nutrimill grinder?  And not only will the nutrimill grind wheat, It can create perfect rice flour, bean flours, and more for gluten free and artisan results.

Here is a video by L’Equip that demonstrates the Nutrimill’s features.

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Bread baking results

Ever gotten less than enthusiastic applause with your healthy, whole wheat bread?

One of the first things to consider is what kind of wheat you’re using.   Let Emma (our family’s master bread maker) show you the interesting results she got from a bread experiment she did using 3 different kinds of wheat.

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Are you wondering which type of wheat is best for you? Here’s a video that will help you decide.




wow, what a great video. Now you have to post the recipe 🙂

Thanks for the information, Emma. I usually use white wheat for my bread but I will try mixing them.

i would like your recipe using the three different types of wheat. thanks julie

HI Emma. Great informative video! Since I don’t know how exactly how to make this bread, would you please make a video of how to make the bread from start to finish? My 8 yo son and I would love to do this together! Then if we get it right with your help, we can buy more bulk flours. Thanks so much!!

Oh my goodness! Your bread is so beautiful! I think I’d have a hard time deciding whether to frame it or eat it (I’m pretty sure eating would win!)! Thank you for the helpful info. We are new to bulk grain buying and grinding so this is just the info I was looking for. This will definitely help us! I agree with another comment – next time show us your techniques! Jennifer

Thanks, Emma. This video was very helpful. I have only been using the Prairie Gold wheat as I’ve tried to remember my bread-making skills from years ago. I must be doing something wrong because my loaves never rise as high as yours. Maybe your next video could show us how to make bread as lovely as yours. Thanks again.

Yes, thank you, Emma, for doing the trial and error for us! Your explanations were clear and helpful. We had some spelt pancakes and I was wondering they were ‘flatter than a pancake’ but still enjoyed by all!…Carol Hipp.

Thanks for the info! Do you bake in the oven or bread machine?

Thanks for the tip Emma. I will definitely consider giving Spelt a try. I love nutty flavors! Here is something to try… when in a pinch I use Wheat Montana’s white flour mixed with my wheat germ and whole wheat bran. It makes an easy, light, flavorful bread. One can not always take the time to grind the wheat berries for bread, so I find this a huge time saver as well as a special bread flavor for my family. Why Wheat MOntana? Well because it is non bleached, non bromated, non chemicals. It makes great doughs for pizza, breads, and baking.

I am not able to view the video. It says that “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”

Emma, I really enjoyed your video! I have been making bread for years but I have had trouble with Spelt bread. Would you share your recipe with us? 🙂

Your bread looks wonderful! I need to try the spelt. I’ve never known what to use it for!

Wonderful video, Emma! I, like others, will buy spelt on the next order. Make sure you get your commission! 😉 Renee

Great job, Emma! We would also love the full recipe you use to make your bread, if you are willing to share it!

Very nice Emma. Would love your recipes and techniques on bread making. I am a newbie to it all, waiting to buy a wheat mill and bread maker. Keep up the great videos! Denise-Madison,TN.

That was great, Emma! Thank you taking the time to investigate and share!

Thanks so much Emma. I am a city girl with very little knowledge on bread baking and have just begun my venture this past year. I wish we could have you over to help me out in person! 🙂 Thanks, Catherine

Emma! Great video! Thanks for putting your time into that!

Yay Emma!! Great job!! Next time your mom brings you to Jackson, please come over!! I need you to teach Piper (age 5) how to make our bread. I need her to take over the bread making in the next couple of years. 🙂

emma, thank you for this. will you please post your recipe? that would be so helpful! i’ve been grinding my own wheat for a few months but not getting the good results from the recipe i’ve been using for years on pre-ground flour. suggestions?

I am using hard white wheat, as recommended on your site. It is good. I have not formed opinion yet, as I have only made it in the Bread Machine (Zoe), an not manually (where it taste better). Avinash Chandra

Enjoyed the video Emma. I was thinking of trying the spelt and now I am sure to. Just recently bought a flour mill and I am really enjoying it. Thanks for the info.

Thank-you for the demo. It was very interesting. Gracie Anne

Thank you Emma for going to all that trouble to teach us about the differences! I have tried the different organic wheat flours and even almond flour but you have inspired me to try the spelt! And it never occurred to me to mix the flours, you are so smart for pointing that out! It would have really helped my rock hard lumps when I was attempting to make bread out of 100% almond flour!

Great job Emma. I recently began making my own bread because we are getting prepared for the increase of food prices we are seeing now. The recipe I use calls for 3 cups white wheat and 1/2 cup red. I grind that and use the flour to make two loaves. Lynn

emma, you are such a great bread maker – i love your passion – your information was clear and helpful and interesting to watch and listen to. thanks for sharing your findings with us :). jan fox

Emma, what a wonderful job! I bake a lot of bread…but have actually never tried spelt. I’ve really been missing something! Thank you!

Very helpful! I think it is clear that everybody wants your recipe plus the step by step instructions. The breads look yummmy! Corina

Thank you for sharing Emma. You have inspired me to try the spelt. Also, I had never thought of combining the 3 grains. Your loaves are so beautiful, maybe sometime you could show us how you make your bread. Laurie Jordan

Wonderful, Emma! Your bread comparison video is just what I needed to choose a wheat purchase. I am new to bread making but I think I can learn to do this. How I wish you had more bread making videos to help new learners in the process. You might show the various steps of recipes and give tips on how to avoid mistakes, etc. You know, I think you could make a business of teaching bread-making. Thanks again for the video. Well written and a great job! –Cheryl Jamison Smith in Waverly, TN

Very helpful! You seem to be an excellant bread baker! What is your recipe?

Would you post the recipe for the spelt bread please?

Very Helpful Emma, Thank you

Wonderful video! I appreciate the sharing of your bread making experience. Very practical and easy to follow. I agree with some of the other reviewers. Would you please share the actual bread making and baking………thanx, pat

Simply fabulous, Emma! I’m so excited about trying the spelt. Thanks a bunch!

Nicely done, Emma, I enjoyed your video!

A very helpful video and comments. Thanks, Emma

Hi Emma, I thought you were so very thorough in your presentation. I learned everything from you! Your uncle Raisin and I are here and he liked raisins in his bread! Do you wonder who we are?? We are your grammy’s sister and brother in law – that means that we are your great aunt and uncle from San Diego, CA. We are so proud of you! What an excellent video presentation. Wow – we hope to meet you some day. Your grammy and grandpa love you so much! Mary and Ray

Thanks to your video, I now know why my spelt bread does not rise.
Emma, This is a great video! George

May be the recipe of the bread would make it taste even better. George
Thanks Emma! Very informative!

You did a great job on the video. I use spelt and white winter wheat but never thought about combining three for a good combination! 🙂

Very helpful Emma! I enjoy your videos. I especially appreciated the pie crust video. Although I enjoy baking,a good pie crust has eluded me. Now that I have frozen apples, and know how to make a good pie crust, I can make our famiies’ favorite apple pie even better!I’ve been making bread with just Prarie Gold wheat, but want to try Spelt now. Thank you so much. Do you add wheat gluten to your recipe to help it rise? Fran Beach

Thank you for making this informative video. This is the first time I have seen the differences demonstrated in such a clear way. sincerely Urania

Great idea for a video. Thanks so much for sharing!

Great video. I think you did a wonderful job explaining the three different wheats. If this was a school project I think you would get an A!

Good job with that video, Emma! Beautiful bread loaves you baked, too.

Very informative. Keep up the good work!~Donna F., Alabama

A 50/50 mix of hard red and some soft wheat makes a very good bread. I would suggest that people purchase a grinder that can be run with an electric motor or operated by hand (just in case) because grinding by hand is tough if you actually have electricity and my family grew tired of grinding the wheat by hand and consequentially we don’t make bread often . This is unfortunate both from a nutritional standpoint and as they say ” practice makes perfect”. Good video !

I want to make sour-dough bread using spelt! Any good recipes? Thank’s for the video, good job! Jane

I’m new to bread making and I am very pleased I ran across your presentation. I have many things to learn and you have helped me get started in the understanding in the different types of flours to be used. I know that a lot of bread recipes say to rise your bread twice. Once in the bowl and once in the pan. In my readings, I have found that multiple risings help ensure a soft and fluffy bread. Do you agree? Whats your experience on this matter? Thanks in

Excellent presentation! Thank you! What are your thoughts about using bread machines?

I am interested in baking and cooking with spelt because it has a lower glycemic index. Thank you for the great video it was vert helpful! Debbie

Hi Emma, my name is Scott. I’ve been experimenting with making whole spelt bread and its more of a challenge than I thought. But I’m stubborn. : )I like the video idea, it helps a lot. I could use some help with the hole punching the dough down and forming the loaf technique. I’m also having a bit of trouble with too much air in the top half of the loaf. If I can get my bread to look like yours, I will be one happy bread maker.