Organic Fancy Maple Syrup

Vermont Maple Syrup, Gallon JugOrganic Maple Syrup, Fancy
1 Gallon

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100% pure organic Vermont maple syrup with nothing added or removed. 
This 100% pure organic Vermont maple syrup is coming to us straight from the growers, Lee and Megan. 

Fancy Grade Maple Syrup ComparisonMaple Syrup Grades

Grade A fancy is the lightest of all grades and is usually made during the early part of the sugaring season. It has a more delicate maple flavor than the darker grades so it works better as a pancake topping than it does for baking.

Storing Maple Syrup

Unlike artificial syrup, pure maple syrup should be refrigerated. Although many sources say you don’t need to refrigerate it, pure maple syrup can develop mold at room temperature, so it really is important to keep it cold. You can also freeze or can maple syrup to save space in the fridge.
Freezing Syrup

Frozen maple syrup doesn’t actually solidify, it just gets real thick, so you can almost take the jug from freezer to pancakes without thawing. Freeze your maple syrup right in the jug or pour it into glass jars or tupperware-type containers. Frozen maple syrup will keep indefinitely.
Freezing maple syrup is the best way to preserve its mapl-y flavor.
Canning Maple Syrup
To can it, heat the syrup

 to 180° and fill hot sterilized jars, leaving no air space and seal. This method is especially helpful if large containers of maple syrup are not used immediately after opening. If a sugary crust forms on the surface of maple syrup, heat the syrup to dissolve the sugar, and thus remove the crust.
Vermont Maple has some excellent maple recipes to get you started with incorporating maple syrup and maple sugar into your baking, including Chef Stewart’s Stuffed French Toast in their breakfast section.