Organic Gardening Webinar

Organic Gardening Webinar

Last week, Bountiful Blessings Organic Farm asked us to spread the word about an online webinar they’re going to be hosting this Thursday, August 28th.

If you’ve never been to a webinar, just think of it as a local seminar that you watch live on your computer. You’ll especially enjoy the interactive question and answer session where these seasoned organic growers share their knowledge, tips, tricks, and wealth of experience with YOU.

Here’s just a bit of what’s being covered:

  • Why our food system is so fragile and how your access to fresh food could disappear within a matter of days
  • Why processed foods are ravaging the health of families across the nation
  • The most important thing you need to know right now about how to have a fresh harvest of veggies all winter long
  • Simple and effective ways to protect your precious veggies in the middle of winter without breaking your pocket book
  • And more!

If you know anyone who is interested in growing organic, nutrient dense foods, please be sure to let them know about this.


Register today to join Paul’s webinar ¬†this week Thursday, August 28th!

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Please help us spread the word this week about this webinar. Bountiful Blessings does a very nice job and we think it will be worth your time to attend.
When you share this video tour of their farm, be sure to include the link above so your friends and family can register if they’d like to attend.