Organic Lemons

Organic California Lemons
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Like any good lemon, these lovely California lemons are sour and tasty – great for lemon meringue pies, lemon breads, and lemonade.
Last year, our family ended up taking 2 extra boxes of lemons that didn’t sell, and we were afraid they’d go to waste. We were so surprised when we ended up wishing we had had more! We made lemon curd, lemon ice, lemon cake, garlic tea (medicinal, lemony, and very good – don’t let the name put you off), and we froze bags and bags of lemon ice cubes for stevia lemonade. See tip below.

*Choice fruit will have some skin blemishes, but the blemishes do not affect the lemon’s flavor or storage life.
Our lemons are grown organically, and they are not waxed, so you can feel good about using the flavorful rind in your favorite lemony recipes.
Lisbon lemons have a small number of seeds.
How much juice out of how many lemons?
You should get about 15 quarts of lemon juice out of a full bushel of lemons, more or less, depending on how hard you press the lemons. A full bushel of lemons is about 50 lbs. Remember, these lemons come in 40 pound boxes, not quite a full bushel.
Fresh squeezed lemon juice can be frozen or canned, or refrigerate fresh lemon juice for up to 2 days.
lemon ice cubesTip: Try juicing several lemons and freezing the juice in ice cube trays for a quick and natural glass of lemonade later on. You can pop the lemon juice cubes out once they’re frozen and store them in zip top bags in the freezer.

After we’ve juiced our IPM or organic lemons, we toss the empty half-rinds into zip top bags and freeze them until we need lemon rind for a recipe, like Lia’s Cauliflower, or to add to a cup of tea.