Organic Raisins Natures Sweet Treat

Organic Raisins: Nature’s Sweet Treat

The Story Of The Raisin From Vine To Table
By Jason Coon
Natural Organic Raisins


Chewy, Moist, and Just So Good!

Why are these California raisins the best we’ve ever had?  First of all, the flavor and texture are amazing!! Once you’ve tasted your first chewy handful, you’ll be as convinced as we are. Full of moist, sweet freshness, they also make a great snack, sure to satisfy the sweetest tooth in your family! Here are the other reasons our family chooses Victor Organic Raisins… 


Cultivating The Vineyard

How They’re Grown
The raisins start out as Thompson Seedless Grapes grown in the San Joaquin Valley, in Sunny California. The Victor farm has been family owned and run since 1928. Committed to organic methodology from their beginnings, they fertilize with only composted organic materials and green manures, instead of synthetic chemical fertilizers.

Since they are 100% certified organic, the weeds in the fields are controlled by hand or mechanical methods and insects are controlled by the use of predatory insects instead of chemical insecticides, ensuring beautiful, healthy fruit on the vine.


Immature GrapesThe Natural Harvesting And Drying Process

Once hand-picked, the raisins are set out on brown paper or fabric in the rows to be dried naturally by the sun. This is a very important step.  Non-organic mechanical drying methods include microwave heating and the introduction of sulfur dioxide to speed up the drying process. Not the case with organic raisins!

Freshly Picked GrapesSun dried raisins turn a dark color because of the longer, more natural drying time in the sun.  The non-organic raisins that are treated with sulfur dioxide and microwave heating are rapidly dried leaving them lighter in color.

Once the raisins are collected from the field, they are brought to the packing house. There, they are de-stemmed, cleaned with water, air dried and packaged for shipment.

From farm to home, Victor organic raisins are a great, health choice for our family’s table, and we’re sure you’ll love them too!

Grapes Drying In The SunTo order these wonderful raisins, visit Bulk Natural Foods, and select from any of our open order forms. You’ll find raisins in the Dried Fruit category. Our raisins are available in convenient 5 lb boxes, or for the bulk conoisseur, in 30 lb boxes.

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