Savory Seasoned PecansSavory Seasoned Pecans
Made with minimally sprayed Elliot Pecans
1 pound bag


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WOW! Due to a sudden attack of the munchies, we just opened our bag of savory pecans from the last order, and I am smitten.  Although they’re not sweetened at all, these bring back memories of a Christmas cookie my mom used to bake; pecan fingers. So good! (Oh, please don’t order any of our last few bags!)

Our highest quality Pecans (Elliots*) are baked in real butter with just the right combination of flavorful seasonings to bring you a marvelous flavor.

*Elliot pecan halves are small, plump, round, and filled with delicious flavor; perfect for baking or snacking. These pecans are grown using Integrated Pest Management techniques and are sprayed as little as possible.