Plums, Pears, And A Bonus…

2 Types Of Peaches!

On September 12th and 13th, we’ll be delivering a truckload of Stanley plums, Bartlett pears, and a bonus – two different kinds of peaches; freestone peaches and Baby Gold cling peaches! We had thought this week would be our last peach delivery for the season, but since our plum and pear orchard will still be harvesting peaches too, we’ll be getting more! Learn more about each fruit below.

Deadline To Order:  Monday, September 9th at 9:00 a.m. (central)
Pick Up Date:  Thursday or Friday, September 12th or 13th (depends on location)
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Plums Pears and Peaches 2013

Stanley Plums

This elongated plum is a bit different from plums you’ll commonly find in stores. The Stanley plum is often used for canning, drying, and baking, but we love to eat them fresh too! Try Stanley plums in plum crumbleplum jamplum tartcanned, or in this beautiful traditional German plum cake.

This is the only time this season that we’ll offer Stanley plums.

Bartlett Pears

One of the juiciest pears you’ll find, we love the Bartlett for it’s amazing flavor. Bartlett pears are great for canning, and if you’re careful to put them in the fridge when they’re still hard, they can be stored fresh like that for a few extra weeks.

Baby Gold Cling Peaches

Baby Gold peaches are a classic for canning. They’re unique in that they stay nice and firm when you can them. Ever have store-bought canned peaches? You know the way they feel in your mouth when you bite into one – firm, but soft, and almost a little chewy? Well, those are made from cling peaches like these. You’ll need a sharp knife or spoon to cut the pit away from the flesh, but patience has its rewards… Come mid-winter, those pretty canned peaches will make a lucky fellow a nice breakfast or dessert.

New to canning? This blog post is one of the most helpful guides we’ve found on canning peaches.

Freestone Peaches

As the name implies, freestone peaches have a pit that comes away from the flesh easily. These really are the very last peaches of the season. If you need to fill a few more bags for your freezer supply of fall smoothies, this is your last chance.

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Tim & Erin

P.S. Feel free to order by phone.