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Why Our Family LOVES Rapadura 

1. It works great for baking. 

With the exception of sugar cookies and other desserts that are supposed to be white, rapadura is amazing in any recipe that calls for granulated sugar or brown sugar. Just substitute it cup for cup. We especially like it in chocolaty or cinnamon-y baked goods because its brown color blends right in.

Rapadura imparts a caramel flavor that is delicious in apple pies, muffins, cakes, hot chocolate, banana bread, and the list goes on forever because rapadura is just that versatile and good.

Powdered Rapadura

To use rapadura in icings, homemade chocolate, or anything else where a fine powder would work better, it’s easy to powder rapadura in your VitaMix. (You can use another appliance like a blender or food processor, but the VitaMix does the job far better.) Just put about 2 cups of rapadura in the VitaMix container and turn it on medium high for 30 seconds, and voila! Powdered rapadura!

Powdered Rapadura

2. Rapadura is a whole food; rich in minerals and vitamins…

…and most other sugars are VERY refined, and void of nutrients.

When your body digests sugar, it uses quite a few minerals in the process: calcium, phosphorous, chromium, magnesium, cobalt, copper, iron, zinc and manganese. If these minerals are not present in the sugar itself or in another food that you eat at the same time, you body actually has to pull these minerals out of your bones and teeth. Yeah, that’s horrible!

But rapadura is made using an age old traditional method of extracting, heating, and cooling the sugar cane juice, preserving all of the naturally present vitamins and minerals. Nothing is added to rapadura sugar, and more importantly, nothing is removed, and the minerals required for your body to digest it are right there in the rapadura itself. This is not true of any other so called natural sugar, except some types of sucanat and natural maple sugar.

Rapadura process

3. Recipes

As I mentioned above, we use rapadura in place of sugar in just about any recipe so I won’t give you a big long list here. But we have surprised ourselves with a couple recipes we didn’t think would work with rapadura; caramel popcorn and frosting. So here are those two recipes. Enjoy!

Rapadura Caramel Popcorn
Buttercream Icing