Conventionally Grown in California
12 – 18 Count

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The Pummelo (pronounced pom EH loh) is a distant relative of the grapefruit, but sweeter, less bitter, less juicy, and sometimes very big. Perhaps because it’s a relatively new item on the American table, the spelling is still quirky – Pummelo, Pomelo, Pumelo – but it’s all the same thing.
Pummelos are gaining popularity in America, although they are originally from Asia. These sometimes-humongous fruits are sweet, and complex. Their pulpous juices pop in your mouth like bubble wrap as you chew. The Pummelo’s rind is very thick and spongy, but it is easy to peel. The flesh inside can vary from juicy to somewhat dry and from sweet to peppery or tart with a hint of lime.
Our take on these after trying our first one last month is that they are sweeter than a traditional grapefruit, and the pulp feels neat in your mouth because it’s so big. But we don’t think they’re as sweet as our TX red grapefruit. One thing is certain, if you haven’t ever had a pummelo, it’s fun just for the experience!
12 – 18 Pummelos fill the same box as the 40 pounds of oranges.