Red Navel Oranges

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Red Navel Oranges: Are they red or are they orange?

Red navels have the same sweet juicy flavor as regular navels, but they look more like red grapefruits inside. To confuse matters even more, their skin can be more of a yellow color, rather than orange. A special winter time treat!

The red navels we offer are conventionally grown.

Red navels are seedless.


Red navels are only available in December and early January. Don’t miss out!

How long will they last?

Oranges should keep 6 to 8 weeks at 38øF, 4 to 6 weeks at 40 to 44øF, and 3 to 4 weeks at 48øF. Keep them in a perforated plastic bag to keep them from drying out. (Just poke some holes in the bag with a scissors. This keeps your oranges from getting wet from condensation.)