The maple syrup we got for our own family last week is so good! We’re lovin’ it, and we hope you are too.

With the weather warming up, remember to keep your maple syrup and maple cream cool. Basement temperature is fine for a couple months or until you open the jug or jar. Once it’s opened, it needs to be refrigerated. That’s because it’s natural maple syrup with no preservatives – a good thing. You can keep it in the fridge for a year or so.

For longer term storage, it’s easy to freeze your syrup (or maple cream). Maple syrup gets really thick in the freezer but it doesn’t freeze solid, so you can put the whole jug right in the freezer and set it out on the counter a few minutes before you need it. Then just pour out what you’ll need, and put the jug back in the freezer. It’ll keep indefinitely this way.

We’d love to hear how you’re enjoying your maple goodies and how you’re using them. And if you got more than one different type of syrup, definitely share a comparison so we can post it during next year’s maple order! You can post your comment on our facebook page or on our website here.