Rio Star Grapefruit

Rio Star GrapefruitRio Star Grapefruits from Texas are the best we’ve ever tasted. They’re a nice, deep red color inside, and so sweet and juicy.

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Try cutting a grapefruit in half sideways, cutting around the segments of flesh and scooping out the segments with a spoon. Red grapefruits are sweet enough that you can eat them just like this– no need for sugar. Grapefruits are also a rich sorce of vitamin C, a great cold or flu fighter.


How are they grown?

Most of the time, we are able to offer both conventional and organic grapefruit from Texas.

Grapefruits are available through our co-op from December through March.



The best way we’ve found to store any fruit is to put the fruit in two layers, with paper towels in between and on the bottom, in a perforated plastic bag in a refrigerator or cooler. To perforate the bag, just poke some holes in it with a scissors. The perforation allows for air circulation, and the paper towels keep your fruit from getting wet from condensation.