Spelt Berries 

To order spelt berries through our local co-op, click here to see our current order forms. We offer spelt berries locally very frequently, but not on every order form. If you’d like us to notify you when we take orders for wheat, sign up for our emails.

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What is Spelt?

Spelt is a close cousin of wheat.  It has been used in Europe since about 5000 B.C. but has only recently gotten popular in America as a delicious and healthy grain for people to use like they use ordinary wheat.

Spelt flour has a somewhat nuttier and slightly sweeter flavor than whole wheat flour.  Since spelt is easier to digest, in can often be tolerated by people with wheat sensitivities; however it does contain some gluten and cannot be used for people with gluten allergies.

Can you make bread with it?

Yes. You can use spelt to make bread and it rises almost as high as wheat bread. And we think the flavor is even better. Follow the link below to see an experiment we did to compare two different kinds of wheat and spelt.

How is this spelt grown?

We offer both organically-grown spelt and spelt that is Certified Chemical Free (CCF). There is very little difference between the two as both are free of chemicals and pesticides. You’ll find more info about the two growing methods on our Wheat FAQ’s Page.

Emma’s Bread Experiment

Last spring, our daughter did an experiment comparing three different types of wheat. In her experiment, bread made with Spelt was the sweetest and tastiest of the three. Watch Emma’s bread experiment here.







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