Golden Nugget Mandarins! Wheat Montana! Order Now Open

We are really looking forward to this next citrus order. If you haven’t had our Golden Nugget Mandarins yet, you  are really in for a treat!

Golden Nugget Mandarins

They are the sweetest, juiciest mandarins we have to offer. They may be ugly on the outside, but they are bursting with beautiful sweetness on the inside!

Navel Oranges

Speaking of sweetness, our Navel oranges from last order, are almost like candy, and we are going back for more.

Wheat Montana

Time to stock up on wheat! Be sure to take advantage of the savings now!

  • Kamut
  • Wheat Berries
  • Spelt Berries
  • Flour
  • Pancake Mix
  • Chia Seeds

Please spread the word about this order, so we can fill the truck and make this happen!

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January California Citrus Order Now Open!

California here we come! The Citrus from our growers in Cali just can’t be beat. We look forward to the Citrus every year, especially the stem and leaf mandarins.
We will need everyones help this time to make this order happen. So please get your order in soon and share with all your friends and family. This truck will need to be very full for this to work. Order today!

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Have you ordered your oranges yet?

Have you ordered your fresh oranges yet?
How about your grapefruit, mandarins, minneolas, lemons, limes, and early oranges?Wow! That’s a lot of fruit.

Did you know the most common thing we hear from folks after an order like this one is that they wish they had ordered another box or two?

  • I loved everything. Quality was excellent. I got Mandarins (which were the best I ever had). I wish I’d ordered 2boxes. Still enjoying oranges and grapefruits. You did good.   -Shelia
  • The grapefruit were great!  Wish I had ordered 2 boxes.  The oranges have been good as well.  I ordered organic and have been pleased with the quality.  -Ann
  •  Excellent grapefruit and oranges wish I had ordered more!!  -Melissa
  • This was my first order from BNF, but it will not be my last.  I love the gallon jars…it’s hard to order just a couple at a time, but no need to be stingy, eh?  The Texas Early oranges are fabulous…some of the sweetest I’ve ever had.  Some started to go soft, so I made juice with the remaining fruit this afternoon.  I wish I had more so I could have a freezer full of juice :).  -Marsha
  • The mandarins were fantastic. Wish I had ordered two boxes!  -Paula
  • Beautiful and delicious!!  I always order the B grade because we are on a tight budget and don’t really care if there are blemishes.  You upgraded our order to fancy, and I was blown away by the difference.  This fruit is wonderful, easy to peel and tasty.  I wish I would have gotten more!  -Kristin
Well, with just 24 hours left to place your order, better hustle on over to Bulk Natural Foods and claim your box… or two or three… of fresh juicy citrus fruit! You definitely don’t want to miss this amazing fruit! You’ll also find quite a bit of dry goods to stock up your pantry. Here’s a printable price list of all the items available now.Mandarins. Yes, they come with all those leaves.
We get giddy about the way the mandarins come with those pretty stems and leaves!

Deadline To Order:  Wednesday, January 22nd at 9:00 a.m. (central)
Pick Up Date:  January 30th or 31st, depending on location
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Tim & Erin

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Minneola Tangelos, The January Fruit

Minneola Tangelos, The January Fruit

Nothing can brighten a blustry winter day and give your body that refreshing Vitamin C pick-me-up quite like a Minneola Tangelo. A cross between red grapefruit and tangerines, Minneolas are mostly sweet like an orange but with a little burst of tangerine tartness. And this special fruit is usually only available for about 4 – 6 weeks, with mid January being the peak.

The goofy knob on the end of the Minneola makes this fruit easy to identify and incidentally, also easier to peel. The flesh tends to be super juicy, and they have few seeds (if any), so Minneolas make a great snack. Besides eating them out of hand, we like to use our Minneolas for some of the best “orange juice” ever, and we love to toss a few peeled minneolas into smoothies in place of juice or kefir.

Same Fruit, Different Name

Some people are more familiar with this fruit under the name “Honeybell” but that is an actual brand name of the Florida-grown Minneola Tangelo. Minneola, Tangelo, or Honeybell, it’s the same fruit with different names.

Deadline To Order:  January 22 at 9:00 a.m. (central)
Pick Up Date:  January 30th or 31st depending on location
Follow this link to order.

More specifics on Minneola Tangelos:

Do they have seeds?
Minneola Tangelos are nearly seedless.

How Are They Grown?
The minneola tangelos on our order form are certified organic.

How long will they keep?
According to the internet, Minneola Tangelos won’t keep as long as oranges because of their high sugar content. HOWEVER, our friend Rebecca kept hers until October 1st last year – just in the crisper drawer of her refrigerator. Or here’s another great way to store them so they won’t dry out. Whatever you do, please don’t keep them out at room temperature. They definitely need to be refrigerated.

Rebecca Beverly's honeybell review October 1, 2013

Enjoy a few of our Minneola reviews from last year:

“SO GOOD! I got the tangelos, which are my favorite and they are so flavorful and juicy.” –Cyndi B.

“Both the mandarins and tangelos are sooooo juicy you have to eat them over the sink!  YUMMMMM!!!” –Sarie B.

“We LOVED our little tangelos!  And I’m hoping that you’re doing another citrus order soon!” –Jennifer S.

“The tangelos are great. I have them stored in my storm cellar and they are doing great.” –Elizabeth M.
Deadline To Order:  January 22 at 9:00 a.m. (central)
Pick Up Date:  January 30th or 31st depending on location
Follow this link to order.

Orange Peach Sherbet Smoothie

Minus the sugary sweetness of the store bought frozen treat, this really does taste like orange & peach sherbet. I use a Vita Mix for mine, which is powerful enough to handle this super thick smoothie. If you’re using an ordinary blender, you will probably need to add another orange or two.

When I make this smoothie with organic oranges, I often add a half inch piece of the rind for extra flavor and vitamin C complex. Try peeling your oranges with a knife so you can leave on some of the nutritious white pith too. The carrot is added for color and beta carotene, but you can’t taste it.

2 oranges, peeled, seeds removed
1 cup frozen peaches
1 frozen banana, broken into chunks
1 small piece orange rind (optional)
1/2 carrot (optional)

Put the oranges in the blender first, then slowly add the frozen ingredients and orange rind while the blender is running. Use the Vita Mix tamper or add extra oranges as necessary. Serve with a spoon.