How Do YOU Like Stanley Plums

How Do YOU Like Stanley Plums?


You know the plums you got last week? Those delicious Stanley plums? Believe it or not, Stanley plums have never been one of our popular items. Could it be that people just don’t know how good they are or what to do with them? We think everyone else has been missing out. And we think you can help.


Stanley Plums 2013


Since you seem to know a thing or two about plums (After all, you did just order 30 pounds of them!), we are asking if you would share your favorite plum recipe and tell us what you think of the plums you got. Then, we can share this with the non-Stanley-plum-lovers among us.Over the next several days, we’ll be collecting plum recipes and feedback from you and everybody else who bought plums last week. We’ll compile the recipes and ideas on our website, and post for all to see so that next year… things are different.So tell us… how do you like your Stanleys?(Comments are now closed.)

In addition to comments, we invite your…

RECIPES! Do you make a special dish with Stanley plums? Please share the recipe right big text box on the form. We’ll post it on our website and give you the credit, so be sure to include your name.
PHOTOS! Do you have a picture of something you made with these plums? Upload it right on the form. Again, we’ll post it with your comments or recipe, so be sure to include your name.

If you’d like to review another fruit too, please fill out the form a second time so we can keep the plum comments separate.

Thanks so much! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Tim & Erin

PS  If you have any plums left, try this simple and delicious Stanley Plum Crumble.

Stanley Plum Crisp 2013




Great plums! Almost wish I had order 2 boxes. Made plum butter in crockpot, canned plum halves in lite syrup w/ cinnamon stick, baked 2 loaves of plum bread, and lastly, a German plum cake. Yum! – (September 19th, 2013)

Lynne's Plum Preserves 9-2013The plums are delicious eaten straight up, and they also canned beautifully! I just did a light honey-water mixture (1/4 c. honey to 15 c. water), heated, poured it over the pitted and halved plums and then did a water bath canning. They turned a beautiful shade of red as they canned and then cooled. Looking forward to enjoying plums this winter! I also plan on making jam with some of the remaining fresh plums. – Lynne (September 19th, 2013)

The peaches that we ate fresh were delicious as were the plums. We canned for two days straight and made many jars of preserves, syrups and jam. Completely satisfied with my order. – Megan (September 19th, 2013)

I was so excited to see the Stanley Plums on the order! My grandmother was always on the lookout for them in the fall to make her grandmother’s plum kuchen. My shipment was perfectly in time with the arrival of some family that remember the kuchen well. It was such a treat and so great to relive the memories we have all shared around my grandmother and kuchen. I had way more than I could use at once, so, I cooked some down with some sugar, onion, and vinegar and made a chutney for gifts for the holidays. I also washed and pitted some and froze them for cobbler, tarts, and stews for the winter. I only wish I had time and room for more. Maybe after I win the lottery. – Jimmy (September 19th, 2013)

Amanda's Son Canning Plum Sauce 9-2013We let all our pears ripen on the counter just like you suggested they did turn yellow and smell delicious when ripe! Last night we made so much pearsauce! So far we’ve just been enjoying the plums whole but am getting ready to can up the rest. I’ve attached a picture of my son helping me can the pearsauce last night! – Amanda (September 19th, 2013)

I guess I would have to say that we like them best fresh because more than half our box is gone and we’ve not done anything but wash and eat them. If we do have any leftover, I will freeze them to make the Plum Crumble featured on your website. My family loves it! – Kathy (September 18th, 2013)

We ordered peaches, plums and pears this month. Glad I shared my plums with my sister – it was a LOT of plums…. I wonder if they could be sold in smaller quantities so not quite SO overwhelming (tho I understand the purpose of BULK is to buy things in BULK – this is a big commitment for a fruit that it’s terribly popular … so might be more inviting for people to try if commitment wasn’t SO big?!)!! They are tasty – not bitter or sour at all. We made the plum crumble from Erin and it was a huge hit. We can’t eat all the plums in a reasonable amount of time … will pit and freeze for winter crumbles! – Christi (September 18th, 2013)

We got a bushel each of pears and plums. I just finished canning the pears. Coming soon I am making plum jam and canning halved plums. The kids have been eating the plums non stop!! Usually they are so expensive in the grocery store, so we only get a few and the kids are limited as to how many they can have. This time they were pleased to eat as many as they wanted! The first day we probably at 10 each! They are wonderful. They hold their shape and texture well; which is important since we are busy and canning is something we shove into our schedule! – Rebecca (September 18th, 2013)

I LOVE Stanley Plums, maybe because we had a tree of them in our front yard as a child. They were one of my favorite snacks, right off the tree. When I taste them, I am sent back to my childhood. My children love them too and I can share childhood stories with them while we eat. :) Yum !
– Angela (September 18th, 2013)

The Stanley plums were beautiful and 99 percent were perfect! I canned most in a light syrup in pint jars. The rest were sweet and juicy fresh eating. One recipe I like is called poke cake. You take 1box of yellow or white cake mix and bake as normal. When it is warm right out of the oven, poke holes every inch or so and then pour some of my canned plums with the juice over the entire cake. The juice will run into the holes. Pop it back into the oven for 5 to 7 minutes. Just enough to warm the plums. So yummy good! – Cheryl (September 17th, 2013)

Jessica's Plum Cobbler 9-2013We have loved our plums! We have eaten them for snacks, in muffins, and made a delicious cobbler.!! – Jessica (September 17th, 2013)

We have thoroughly enjoyed our box of plums! Thank you so much! Not only have we eaten them fresh – and they are delicious – but I have used the recipes in my Ball Blue Book to can them whole as well as make a beautiful and tasty jam. The canned plums, using a medium syrup, are absolutely wonderful. I’ve used the same process – washing the plums, pricking them with a needle, and boiling them in medium syrup – to serve as a dessert. Instead of canning them, we just refrigerated the cooked plums – very popular with my family! Thanks again!  – Kathy (September 17th, 2013)

We are just enjoying eating ours. I ordered them for the students at a school I work for, and the students love them. It is a gamble to see if you get a sweet one or a tart plum. – Judi (September 17th, 2013)

High Fructose Corn Syrup VS The Pear


High Fructose Corn Syrup VS The Pear
by Jason Coon

High Fructose Corn Syrup vs The Pear


When I was a kid, all I ever knew about Pears, and most fruit for that matter, was the kind that you opened up with a can opener.  When we opened a can of pears as a side dish for our dinner time meal, we thought we were doing a good thing.  Isn’t it better to open a can of fruit than a bag of sugary treats?  Little did I know, those poor little soggy pieces of pears were soaking in sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  The food we assumed was better for our health was just as bad to eat as the junk food we were avoiding.  The side dish to our meal may have well been a serving of candy!

Last year, however, I experienced, for the first time, the brilliance of a freshly picked Pear.  Not in a can, or soaked in corn syrup but a true food event.  When we bought a box of pears last year from Bulk Natural Foods we were shocked at how amazing they tasted.  Our 6 children, who have never eaten canned pears, dove into the box just like they were apples.  How happy we were, to be able give our children a truly healthy food that they loved.

Next week, when that truckload of Pears, Peaches and Plums rolls into Tennessee, I know my children will be in baited breath, awaiting all the nutritious fruit they can eat.  Mealtime or anytime and not just a side show treat at the edge of their dinner plate!

Join my family and hundreds of others by ordering Pears, Peaches and Plums.  You and your family will be happy you did!

Plums Pears Peaches Jason


Pears, Plums, and Peaches

Remember, there’s less than one week left to order Stanley plums, Bartlett pears, Baby Gold peaches, and freestone peaches. Occasionally, the timing works out with one of our growers for us to get more pears later in the fall, but otherwise, this will be the only time this year that we’ll offer plums and pears, and the last time we’ll offer peaches this season.

Deadline To Order:  Monday, September 9th at 9:00 a.m. central time
Pick Up Date:  Thursday or Friday, September 12th or 13, depending on location
Click this link to order:

Feel free to order by phone at 931-593-2616.

Tim & Erin


Pears Jason

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Local Butternut Squash Sweet Potatoes And Pie Pumpkins

Local Butternut Squash Sweet Potatoes And Pie Pumpkins

One of our Amish neighbors is doing an experiment that involves you. Yep. He wants to know if you guys like squash, pie pumpkins, and sweet potatoes. If you do, he plans to grow more of these vegetables for us next year. For now, there are just a few cases of each available, so they’ll sell out fast. You’ll find them on our Pear, Plum, and Peaches order form.

The squash and sweet potatoes we roasted over the weekend were buttery sweet and a beautiful deep orange, and the pumpkin has become a pie for our supper tonight.

One thing to notice here is that the sweet potatoes and butternut squash are odd shapes and sizes; some pretty big and others very small. So if you’re looking for uniformity, please don’t order these local vegetables. Both will come in 25 pound boxes. Also, the sweet potatoes will not be washed as this helps to keep them fresh.

Squash Pumpkins & Sweet Potatoes

Pears, Plums, and Peaches

Remember, there’s less than one week left to order Stanley plums, Bartlett pears, Baby Gold peaches, and freestone peaches. Occasionally, the timing works out with one of our growers for us to get more pears later in the fall, but otherwise, this will be the only time this year that we’ll offer plums and pears, and the last time we’ll offer peaches this season.

Deadline To Order:  Monday, September 9th at 9:00 a.m. central time
Pick Up Date:  Thursday or Friday, September 12th or 13, depending on location
Click this link to order:

The grower sent these pictures of our fruit, still growing on the trees at the orchard…

Summer Fruits On The Trees

Feel free to order by phone at 931-593-2616.

Tim & Erin

Plums Pears And A Bonus

Plums, Pears, And A Bonus…

2 Types Of Peaches!

On September 12th and 13th, we’ll be delivering a truckload of Stanley plums, Bartlett pears, and a bonus – two different kinds of peaches; freestone peaches and Baby Gold cling peaches! We had thought this week would be our last peach delivery for the season, but since our plum and pear orchard will still be harvesting peaches too, we’ll be getting more! Learn more about each fruit below.

Deadline To Order:  Monday, September 9th at 9:00 a.m. (central)
Pick Up Date:  Thursday or Friday, September 12th or 13th (depends on location)
Click this link to order:

Plums Pears and Peaches 2013

Stanley Plums

This elongated plum is a bit different from plums you’ll commonly find in stores. The Stanley plum is often used for canning, drying, and baking, but we love to eat them fresh too! Try Stanley plums in plum crumbleplum jamplum tartcanned, or in this beautiful traditional German plum cake.

This is the only time this season that we’ll offer Stanley plums.

Bartlett Pears

One of the juiciest pears you’ll find, we love the Bartlett for it’s amazing flavor. Bartlett pears are great for canning, and if you’re careful to put them in the fridge when they’re still hard, they can be stored fresh like that for a few extra weeks.

Baby Gold Cling Peaches

Baby Gold peaches are a classic for canning. They’re unique in that they stay nice and firm when you can them. Ever have store-bought canned peaches? You know the way they feel in your mouth when you bite into one – firm, but soft, and almost a little chewy? Well, those are made from cling peaches like these. You’ll need a sharp knife or spoon to cut the pit away from the flesh, but patience has its rewards… Come mid-winter, those pretty canned peaches will make a lucky fellow a nice breakfast or dessert.

New to canning? This blog post is one of the most helpful guides we’ve found on canning peaches.

Freestone Peaches

As the name implies, freestone peaches have a pit that comes away from the flesh easily. These really are the very last peaches of the season. If you need to fill a few more bags for your freezer supply of fall smoothies, this is your last chance.

Follow this link to order.

Tim & Erin

P.S. Feel free to order by phone.