Three Cool Ways To Use Lemons

As it turns out, we have a little extra time to take orders for citrus fruits and dry goods, so we have extended the deadline until tomorrow morning at 9:00. As far as we know right now, this is the last time we’ll be able to offer citrus fruit this season, so if you still want to order, there’s a little time left.

Fresh Lemons!


To order lemons for local pick up, visit our order form here. You’ll only find fresh lemons available during the winter and early spring months.


Three Cool Ways To Use Lemons

Frozen Lemon Cubes:  Lemons are in their peak season in the winter, but nobody wants an ice cold glass of lemonade then. So when we get a box or two of lemons for our family, we love to freeze the juice in ice cube trays and save the cubes in zip top bags until the weather gets warm. When you’re ready for that cold glass of lemonade, plunk 2 or 3 lemon cubes into a glass, add water and the sweetener of your choice. You can even whiz this in the blender for a slushy treat.

Frozen Lemon Peel:  Isn’t it true that just as soon as you use up your last lemon and throw away the peel, the dinner you make the VERY NEXT NIGHT calls for a teaspoon of lemon zest?? Seriously, this used to happen to me all the time. Grr…

But not anymore. Now, I stack up my empty lemon peel halves when I’m done juicing them, pop them into zip top bags, and chuck them in the freezer. How simple is that? It’s easy to zest the frozen peel on a hand held grater if you do it relatively quickly, before the rind thaws and gets mushy. And I don’t have to be careful about saving the last lemon anymore.

Problem solved.