Watermelon Pops

Watermelon Ice “Pops”

Frozen Watermelon

Nothing beats a fruity ice pop on a hot summer day. These frozen watermelon treats are the simplest ice pops we’ve ever made and possibly the most refreshing. Just cut up a fresh watermelon and freeze it on a tray. If you want, you can poke in a popsicle stick before they’re frozen too.

A few hours later, you’ve got ice pops!


Watermelon Slush

We love our iced watermelon so much, we’ve made up a few ways to use it. I like this slush even better than the ice pops because I can drink it down much faster than I can eat a frozen piece of melon. It’s incredibly refreshing and so easy to make! All you do is take fresh watermelon, put it in your blender or VitaMix, and add an equal amount of frozen watermelon. You can even leave the seeds in because they’ll be totally pulverized by the VitaMix. The seeds are really good for your kidneys, as is the flesh.

Blend it up like a slushie as is or add a squeeze of lime juice for a more grown up flavor. Voila! A one ingredient slush.