prairie gold hard white wheatHard White Wheat Berries 
Certified Organic
25 Pound Bag
What is Hard White Wheat Good For?
Hard white wheat is by far our most popular wheat. It’s lighter in color than traditional red wheat and produces a very light, mild-flavored bread. The nutrient content of hard white and hard red wheat is nearly identical. 
Hard white wheat is high in gluten, a protein that stretches to trap the air bubbles given off by yeast within the bread dough, so it is best suited for making yeast-leavened or sourdough breads. 

This hard white wheat is free of debris, which is super important when milling your own flour since a small stone in the wheat could easily ruin your grain mill.
Emma’s Bread Experiment
Last spring, our daughter did an experiment comparing three different types of wheat. In her experiment, bread made with Bronze Chief hard red spring wheat rose nice and high and stayed soft for several days. Here is a photo we took of breads she made with Prairie Gold hard white wheat, spelt, and Bronze Chief hard red spring wheat. Watch Emma’s bread experiment video here.
bread experiment