White Kyocera Mill

Our family just loves this little salt mill! When we first started using natural salt, we discovered very quickly that real sea salts, like Celtic Sea Salt, corrode the metal grinding mechanism that’s common in most salt mills. That’s because natural sea salts don’t contain additives to keep them from absorbing moisture. It’s interesting to note, too, that the additives in refined salt also prevent the salt from combining with the water in your body – part of the reason refined table salt is bad for you.
With a hardness rating close to that of diamond, the Kyocera’s ceramic grinding mechanisms make short work of Celtic Sea Salt, peppercorns, herb blends, and even some seeds. The unique upright design prevents spilling on counter tops and makes refilling a snap. Grind with the lid on or off. If you leave it on to grind, it’s easy to judge how much salt to grind over food or for recipes. Simply grind with the lid closed, then remove the top to measure the required amount. This mill produces a fine grind. Grinder comes empty.

We’ve used our Kyocera (pronounced kee o SA ra) salt and pepper grinders for at least 5 years now, and even with 5 children handling them regularly, we haven’t had any problems with them. (Haven’t broken them either – it’s pretty tough glass!)

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