How much wheat should I buy?

How much wheat should I buy?

Stocking up on several month’s or a year’s supply of wheat can be a great help to your grocery budget, but how do you figure out how much wheat you’ll need? It’s actually very simple. Here’s the quick and easy shorthand we’ve worked out to help us plan for our family’s needs.

A pound of whole grain wheat is almost exactly 2 cups by volume. When you grind 2 cups of wheat into flour, you end up with slightly more than 3 cups of flour since the milling process increases the amount of air between each particle.

Since an average bread recipe calls for 3 cups of whole wheat flour (almost exactly 1 pound) per loaf, our simple formula is

 1 pound of wheat = 3 cups flour = 1 loaf of bread

So if your family eats an average of one loaf of bread per day, you would need to order one pound of wheat for every day you’re stocking up for.


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